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Article Type: clothing 
SIZE: adjustable on the body 

2 ready-made long-sleeved button-downs are rebuttoned, wrapped, and tied on the body
resulting in a conspicuous, customizable piece. 
The 2 shirt piece has a schizophrenic mind of its own pulling and draping in opposite directions,
Resisting familiar ergonomics.
Singular, attention-grabbing, and not completely comfortable
But, no pain, no gain. 

Striped or solid color, with traditional or mandarin collar,  this piece is also now available open-source:
inquire for instructions and create your own in-between shirts using any
button-down combo you like.

Tracing the history of the prison uniform since 1820 as part of the Auburn system, 

The synchronicity of details.

These 2 shirts become 2 enlarged prison stripes on 1 surface.
In between shirts, in between readymades, in between institutions shaping the body,
in between resistance and hugging.


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