((Deviant Shop)

Article Type: video + audio
Size: 01:17 | 02:10 minutes

A sound snippet of a spontaneous communication between Zaha and Zahari,
two domesticated yellow canaries as they are flying between two open cages
in the workshop.
If you listen carefully you'll notice one whistle does not belong to them,
but a signal to return to their cage before their free time is up and the
door is locked for the night.
The two songbirds are minding their own business, while a circular slow pan reveals
a figure, minding his sewing business, in a semi-industrial land-and-soundscape.

Sensitive birds, canaries were sent into coal mines as crash dummies to detect
toxic gases. The canary is also an informant and the subject of a superstition
who sings to the police. Zaha and Zahiri are, for now, at Hussein’s workshop
as symbols for good fortune and companionship.

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