((Ghost Scar)
Mirror Scar over eyebrow

Mirror Reflection

Mirrors are always commanded by their masters, yet they never hide. Mirrors can reveal things of their masters that put them in a different position of power. Be a mirror for one day. Submit yourself to the world. Be free to reflect the truth of others. Try discreetly to imitate the movements and the talk of the people around you. Look in a mirror alone and then with someone else. When I looked in the mirror and saw the scar, still in the shape of a wound, on the swollen face that I had dreams and nightmares about, I needed to imagine what would happen to my image after I healed. What monster does the mirror present to you?

Sex Tent Scar over chin or under the beard

Tent Instructions


1.  Take four chairs for a cozy tent. Position the four chairs in a square.

2.  Cover with fabric to your own taste. Choose the game you would like to play in the tent as a way to help you select the fabric. Be aware that the fabric, its colors and its designs can stimulate different internal activities. 

3.  Cover the chairs with the fabric and attach it well with clothes pegs. The pegs guarantee the privacy and secrecy of your tent.

4.  Start playing.


It is important to understand the ethics of the tent. The tent is a neutral territory. Freedom is in and not out of this universe. The more you are inside this fictional device, the larger the universe expanding into real existence will be.

Ideal for discovering one's own body or the body of others. Respect this space. Make sure that discovery is based on consent, your own and the others involved in the game.