Lesley Kadish

Episode 3

with Lesley Henry Kadish, October 16th 2020

Lesley is an anthropologist and museum professional. She is working as curator, specialized in accessibility and multi-sensory learning. She has experience with contents related to cultural heritage, mapping, and embodied perception.

For Lesley, in a museum, architecture plays an important role. During a visit, she pays attention to her entire body and then - anything can happen. She explains how each museum visit triggers various layers of our senses, and how experiences might be even richer with an impaired ability or when we become aware of our complex emotional states. Inviting a red Zinnia into the conversation, it becomes clear how a real shift cannot happen by ‘inclusion’ but rather by taking a different position, stepping closer to one another and re-centering ourselves. 


A transcription of the podcast can be found also here


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