Maria Ptqk

Episode 1

with Maria Ptqk, October 6th 2020

Maria Ptqk is a critic and cultural investigator, a curator, researcher and producer.  She has a doctorate in artistic research and has graduated in law, economy and cultural management. Her work is based on the social uses of technologies, gender practices and studies, culture economies and natural sciences; she loves the adventure of exploring new territories. 

The conversation takes us from biocentrism and a river’s legal rights to vaccines against COVID, and from extraterrestrial intelligence to insects and fungi. Maria knows the art world as being conservative and institutionalized, but her romantic side makes her think of art as a space of possibilities to reflect also multi species thinking. To make daring projects possible, Maria became director of Gabinete Sycorax, a museum that hosts projects without a building.


A transcription of the podcast can be found also here


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